Rachel Scott – The Power of Community

Last year, I had the privilege of setting the intention for Big Yoga for Big Sisters. Our theme was that we were better together. And during class, as we joined hands in tree pose, or all toppled over in attempt at a group chair, I was reminded that coming together as a community to participate in a heartfelt cause truly does reveal the best of our human spirit.

The world needs more lightworkers. Light comes when we look beyond the limitations of our own needs, wants, and desires, and take a pause to act for a cause greater than our own convenience. We express our light through simple everyday acts, such as taking the time to listen to a friend, holding a door to help someone out, sending a thank you card to acknowledge our appreciation… or participating in a yogathon in order to create resources for Big Sisters.

When we come together as a community to be lightworkers, a beautiful paradox is revealed: while we are reminded that we are part of something greater than ourselves, we are also made aware of how much our individual acts truly matter. We experience our humility and magnificence at the same time. Every good act matters, and together we truly are stronger. The good company of others clears the smudges off our mirrors, and show us who we really can be.