Building a Love of Reading Together

In February of 2007, I met a shy, quiet 7-year-old girl who loved reading, arts, crafts and ice cream. Still figuring out how to cope with a vision impairment, her love for reading was affected by this challenge and we spent most of our time together going to the library to foster that love for reading, without the pressures of time and distractions. Our relationship bloomed over our shared love for books, McDonald’s sundaes and various arts and crafts projects. Our relationship was built the way many friendships are – with time, patience, and curiosity.

10 years later, I just attended her high school graduation, and have watched her flourish into a confident, fun-loving, considerate and kind young adult. Our trips to the library to read books together, have turned into conversations over coffee and working sessions filling out scholarship applications together. She has been accepted to Douglas College and is now talking about being a psychologist and doing a semester abroad to fulfill her love for travel and adventure. Her love for reading still exists, but now is joined with a passion for dance, beach days, and Italian food.

Our relationship has taught me a great deal about perseverance, relationship building, and commitment. I have benefited more than she has from our interactions, and she is truly a member of my family. The Big Sisters program has given us both a lot – and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for self-growth, meaningful relationships and adventure.

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