Leave the Legacy of Mentoring

Did you know that May is Leave a Legacy Month?

It’s a month-long public awareness campaign that encourages people to leave a gift through their Will or another planned giving vehicle to a charity or cause that is meaningful to them. If you’re reading this post, why not consider leaving a gift to Big Sisters?!

When you join the Big Sisters Legacy Circle and leave a gift in your Will, you become part of the transformative impact young, vulnerable girls need to thrive in the world. By ensuring the continuation of our life-changing mentorship programs, your legacy gives a hand up to girls who need it most, ultimately helping them reach their fullest potential.

Join our community of inspirational leaders in the Big Sisters Legacy Circle. Together we can ensure that every girl who needs a mentor, has a mentor.

Here are a few stories of how your legacy could change lives.

Big Sister Richelle & Little Sister Susan Reunited After 25 Years

Matched with Big Sister Richelle at 11 years old, Susan was a very shy and soft-spoken young girl. She was afraid to speak her mind, and her confidence was at an all-time low. Find out how her Big Sister turned things around for her. Read the post.

How Study Buddy Anna helped Little Sister Olimpia Reach her Potential

Olimpia didn’t want a Study Buddy at first. But, after meeting Anna, she renewed her love for school and is now on her way to college. Read the post.

Go Girls! Empowers Teens to Be True to Themselves

Being 12 is not easy. Being 12 and a girl is really not easy. Going from childhood into adolescence is a time when everything changes—your body, your peer group, your priorities, everything. Learn how Go Girls! group mentoring helps teens through this transition. Read the post.

Thank you for considering to join the Big Sisters Legacy Circle. Your legacy is her future.