Introducing: #MentoringMondays!

We want to show you why #MentoringMatters to us with the launch of #MentoringMondays! 

Today, we launch something we are very excited about!

For the next four weeks we will be sharing  stories from our Big and Little Sisters. These stories best showcase all the different ways #MentoringMatters and all the facets that our programs can involve.

These four stories show off what we do best, which is creating healthy, supportive, and life long relationships between Big and Little Sisters.

To begin our series we would like to share three stories right off the bat! Three girls of different ages, and the women who have come into their lives support and help them thrive. We’d like to introduce you to: Marley & Glenda, Hallelujah & Cara, and Summer & Krista. Three incredible duos who are taking the world by storm! These pairs are perfect examples of why we do what we do and why we are so passionate about the power of mentoring the young women of today.

We were lucky enough to so show off these three Dynamic Duos Stories at this year’s Luminary Awards and everyone in the room loved them! What’s not to love right? 

These 3 Pairs are a prime example of how supporting Big Sisters of the Lower Mainland is not only an investment in a Little Sister’s life, but an investment in bettering our Community as a whole through Mentor-ship.

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