Building Strong and Healthy Communities

Strong communities nurture people. They help build neighbourhood and community engagement, and help promote well-being and safety.

Together, with our partner United Way of the Lower Mainland, we work every day to build strong communities where people feel connected and supported. With United Way’s help, we provide services and opportunities that help young girls thrive, and celebrate who they are and where they come from.

The strength of a community is reflected in the wellbeing and sense of connectedness of the people who live there. When residents feel they belong, they take ownership and play a role in shaping the future of their community. People are empowered when they feel they have choices and are capable of influencing decisions.

At Big Sisters, we understand the challenges unique to our community and devise strategies to address them. Working with United Way, we listen, bring the right people together, and work to find local solutions.

Sometimes the biggest barrier to getting help is knowing where to find it. Our partnership with United Way ensures that we have a greater reach to get the word out about our programs and services. Two voices are always louder than one, especially with the common belief that communities should fuel our lives, support our development and keep us healthy and strong.

Together, we build strong communities.