Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland is committed to providing a safe, inclusive environment to all its individuals, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, cultural identity or skin colour.

As an organization dedicated to building Developmental Relationships with young people, it is our responsibility to not stay silent in the face of the tragedies of the groups persecuted in our neighbourhoods and the rest of the world.

Today, Big Sisters stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We recognize that so many around us continue to be oppressed, victimized and distanced in a society that remains unjust.

Therefore, it is with pride that we lift our voice with all those impacted by injustices and renew our commitment to fighting all those who perpetrate and promote racism, especially when it’s directed at individuals from Indigenous communities, newcomers, immigrant and refugee communities, from Black, African and racialized communities.

It’s time we come together and commit to building a world free of racism, injustice and discrimination. Let’s all reach out, speak up and amplify the voices of those who have been ignored, unheard and marginalized. It is our duty to work to educate ourselves and advocate for those who can’t.

We have made our team available to the Littles and volunteers we support to discuss the importance of this #BlackOutTuesday.  We will be listening and engaging in discussion to ensure we are a strong partner on the path towards social justice.

If you are a Big Sister, a Little Sister or a member of our community, please reach out to trigger a conversation with each other!

Below are resources to further educate ourselves and the Little Sisters of our community –

United Native Youth Association of Vancouver: https://unya.bc.ca/

Black Lives Matter Vancouver: https://blacklivesmattervancouver.com/

Video from Black Strathcona about Vancouver’s black community in Hogan’s Alley that was systematically displaced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANX5kYh-8dc

Article: “10 Habits of Someone Who Doesn’t Know They’re Anti-Black” by Stratagem CEO Cicely Belle Blain –a great education and reflection piece on anti-blackness: http://ow.ly/2RnN50zX3yM

Article listing black orgs and anti-racist groups Canadians can support from HuffPost Canadahttp://ow.ly/Ovpp50zX36a