Big Sister Stacy and Little Sister Arianna Give Back to their Community

Stacy and Arianna’s story is proof that mentoring benefits both Bigs and Littles. Little Sister Arianna and Big Sister Stacy have been matched for eight months and they are already reaping the fruits of mentoring. Stacy told Big Sisters about a time she was able to spread the kindness and love with her Little.

It all began when Stacy told her Little about how she volunteered her time assembling shoe box gifts for Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child, an organization that gives boxes containing toys, school supplies, and hygienic items to underprivileged children in third world countries. When Stacy told this to Arianna, not much happened but months later Stacy was able to see how she had impacted the way Arianna sees the world. They were planning a weekly outing and after asking her Little if she preferred to kayak, build a paper mache volcano, or make pencil bags for children in third world countries, Little Sister Arianna chose the last option without hesitation.

So, after heading to the local dollar store to buy supplies, they both started making the pencil bags. When they finished their crafty and kind project, Stacy felt a deep satisfaction: she had motivated a young girl to be kind to those who need it the most. At that moment she knew that her presence was a good influence to Arianna and that the time she put into mentoring was indeed worth it.

Stories like the one of Stacy and Arianna are what keeps us going as an organization. When Big Sisters contact us to tell us about something fun, kind, or heart-warming they did with their Little Sisterss, we know that what we do has real results, and that the results are life-changing for both Bigs and Littles.

Just like Stacy, you can volunteer to be a Big Sister and experience life-changing moments that give meaning to your life.