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We enable life changing mentoring relationships to ignite the power and potential in girls, non-binary, transgender and gender-diverse youth.

IgniteHer Podcast

Connecting you to a community of empowered women.

About IgniteHer Podcast

IgniteHER Podcast is a Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland podcast production. We want to connect you to a community of empowered women that will explore mentorship through ongoing conversations with inspiring guests.

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Hosted by Angie and Vanessa, Big Sisters program leaders, who hope to share conversations that inspire and empower others.

Meet the IgniteHer Podcast Hosts!


Meet Angie!

Angie’s family situation growing up was chaotic and unpredictable, she often felt unseen and powerless. As an adult Angie always had a strong desire to connect with kids to ensure they feel valued. To her, igniting potential is helping kids discover their passions. Angie’s passion for music and creativity provided me with a strong sense of self which allowed her to remain resilient despite what was happening in her family. Through this podcast I hope we can amplify voices to create positive social change.


Meet Vanessa!

Vanessa is all about building self-esteem and confidence in youth and young women so they are empowered to pursue their

dreams! Throughout Vanessa’s life, she struggled with shyness, self-acceptance, and mental health. This is why Vanessa is so driven to do the work that she currently does today. Vanessa ignites potential by building on strengths, providing opportunities, and discovering each person’s ‘why’.

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